The Dialadream Story

Less determined riders would have steered clear of the young seal brown mare with the bad reputation. Even after the mare proved too rambunctious for a cowboy at Picov’s sales barn, Kelly Plitz was convinced she had to have her after seeing the horse execute a beautiful, floating extended trot as she ran free in an arena.

The mare, Dialadream, barely 15.3 hands and without as much as a single white hair, had started racing on the quarter horse circuit in Oklahoma, but was banned from the track after jumping the rail. She had been foaled in 1973 in Oklahoma, sired by Johnny Dial, a world champion quarter horse race horse, out of Dreamy Bar. She was 7/8 Thoroughbred but registered as an American Quarter Horse due to Johnny Dial’s accomplishments as a ROM stallion.

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Dialadream was my Cinderella horse and I do not live a day without thinking of her. Most riders will never experience what I had with this mare, I was so lucky to be part of her life.

Kelly Plitz